Pretty House Terms Lesson Video Series

Ron LeGrand FREE Online Training

Recently, Ron LeGrand recorded a new course over two days on the fastest and easiest ways to make money with beautiful homes in nice areas.

He's releasing a series of lessons from the training over the next week for free.

  1. TERMS or No Deal – What does TERMS really mean and why is it the fastest money in real estate?
  2. Examples of TERMS Deals - including 2 of Ron’s recent deals, one netted him 50K and another is a 3.9 million dollar house. You won’t believe the profit on this one!
  3. Which TERMS to use When – Ron breaks it down into a simple explanation to avoid confusion.
  4. Scripts – What to say to the seller, so they make you the offer over the phone.
  5. Deal Structuring – real deals brought in by attendees discussed on stage. Each student was given the next steps and you’ll see killer deals materialize from these normal, everyday leads from all over America.

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